The Breaking by Rosie Moana Pickett

Rosie Moana Pickett (she/they/them/her) is a Māori creative who was born in Ahuriri (Napier) but grew up in Boorloo (Perth). Growing up in Boorloo (Perth) Rosie was negatively impacted by depictions of Māori people on Australian television as aggressive, hostile, and uncivilised. Rosie uses concept art, visual art, poetry, and performance as a way to represent different perspectives, narratives, and experiences on being Māori. Rosie's creative works can be found on Heavy Sleeves/Interior Journal, Enby Life, and Awa Wahine's 'Rangataki' zine. You can also find more of Rosie's creative works @drawingbymoonlight on Instagram.

"The Breaking is a series of poems centred around different thoughts, emotions, and vibes that I have been experiencing recently in my life. I always find aspects of different things I'm experiencing and trying to process spilling into the art I create."

Listen to three pieces from The Breaking below, titled "City Of Ghosts", "Lets Share a Meal", and "Phoenix in Flight".

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